Media Services

We provide media services for the third sector.

At Shiffa we maintain a network of seasoned freelance documentary, factual TV, informational and campaign video producers. We have produced               programmes and photographed in dozens of countries and run community video workshops as facilitators. Over the years we have collaborated with       numerous Finnish GOs and international organizations such as the UN, Red Cross and Save the Children.

At the moment we train Somali women in media skills and produce a health, nutrition, hygiene and environmental information video series with them.     We have also consulted a women founded FM radio station in Mogadishu.       In 2011 we were the contractor for a 5 – language asylum seeker health           services orientation DVD  production commissioned by the IOM (International   Organization for Migration). We also produced 10 episodes of refugee video stories for the Turku2011 European Capital of Culture programme in           connection of our  Pots, Sandals and a Tent project.

Our media services to you come with an added value. The money from your commission will help support development projects. We operate on non-profit basis and invest the gains from the sales of our services back to our projects as self-funding.

If you have any media related production or training needs, do not hesitate to contact us. No project is too big or small for us!