Jukola house in southern Häme, standing on a hill on the northern slope of approximately Toukola the village. It is the closest environment to the rocky zone, but lower than the starting fields, where, before the house was gone loss, surging edged grain. Fields below niittu, apilaäyräinen, a cross-cut by multi-leveled the ditch, and gave it plenty of hay, before the village was forced to grazing livestock. Otherwise, the house is spacious forests, marshes and wilderness, which, in this cases where land was the founder of the excellent through the action, had fallen into the already running a large division in ancient times. Silloinpa Jukola host, keeping more of a concern than jälkeentulevainsa to represent their own parhaastansa, received his portion in Kulon burn the forest and received by the means seven more than others by comparing their neighbors. But all traces of wildfire had already lost his piiristänsä and bushy forest grown instead. – And this is the seven brothers at home, with the Life of here now I kertoilemaan.